ICCF is a private operating foundation that was established to support research and educational programming pertaining to the delivery of critical care, rehabilitation medicine, and specialized post-acute care.​


It shall pursue its mission by:​


  • Conducting, commissioning and supporting research to help improve the quality of critical care and ensure access to the specialized treatment needs of high acuity patients and those recovering from severe injury or illness;


  • Educating the public, academia and the medical community about its research findings in order to enhance public awareness and improve the delivery of care, and​ 

  • Contributing to the development of public policy impacting the delivery of critical care services by submitting research briefs, policy statements, white-papers and amicus briefs to relevant policy-makers.


Improving the Ability to Measure Critical Care
Ensuring Access to Appropriate Levels of Care
Improving the Quality of Critical and Post-Acute Care
The Future of Critical Care in the Health System